Digital Twins in Construction

Product Description:

As the construction industry accelerates towards digitization, the concept of digital twins has emerged as the bridge between building construction and building operations. Essential for those seeking to cut through the hype of this emerging technology, this report provides a strategic roadmap for integrating virtual counterparts into the heart of construction and operational processes, ensuring a competitive edge in a rapidly transforming industry.

Who Should Buy?

  • Business leaders understanding the future of construction
  • Technical professionals developing implementation strategies
  • Innovators seeking insights into future applications
  • Investors exploring emerging trends and market potential

This Report Contains:

  • Defining characteristics of a digital twin in construction
  • Getting started with a digital twin roadmap
  • Understanding owner needs and expectations
  • Future construction roles and expertise required
  • Best-in-class use cases and examples


  • Format: PDF
  • Word count: TBD
  • Number of pages: TBD
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Construction Voices in This Report

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