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A.I. & Digital Transformation Excellence in Construction

As digital tools increasingly enter construction, industry leaders are exploring the intersection of advanced technologies and traditional practices. This report provides practical insights through in-depth research and case studies, offering clear strategies that help you leverage digital transformation in construction. It provides an objective look at state-of-the-art practices and near future of construction technology.

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Placer Solutions combines construction expertise and high-impact technology consulting.

Technology Excellence in Construction

We compile hundreds of interviews, survey data, and independent research into high-quality, accessible, and practical content that informs the market on the latest trends in construction technology.

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Next-Gen A.I. Construction Strategy

Through a comprehensive A.I. Enterprise Assessment and A.I. Capability Analysis, we provide the initial steps to help you build a strategic approach for integrating A.I. into your organization’s fabric.

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Our pioneering approach bridges the gap between traditional construction practices and modern technology.

Unlock the full potential of construction technology with our proven roadmap. By identifying key technology field users, developing field strategy, and pioneering organizational analysis, we bridge the gap between innovative technology and practical implementation.


Latest News & Innovations

Diverge — Q&A with Director of Innovation

If there’s a theme to construction technology over the past several years, it’s the growing realization that technology alone won’t solve all of the industry’s challenges. In a lot of ways, looking inwards at the organizational level to individual construction companies is perhaps...

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BNBuilders — Q&A with Innovation Executive

Innovation in construction lacks a standard playbook. Each company approaches things differently, based on their specific sector and customer base. This interview with Brian Arnold offers a clear explanation of an innovation group from the viewpoint of a general contractor...

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