Next-Gen A.I. Construction Strategy


Unleashing your construction company’s future potential.

Placer Solutions consulting services help construction companies successfully navigate A.I. and digital transformation by identifying and engaging field-based change agents, strategically managing high-impact technologies, and designing digital strategies that appeal to your construction field users. 

Our consultants leverage decades of construction experience, assisting the world’s largest construction companies in implementing enterprise-wide technology solutions. We help you best roadmap, assess, select, and implement your technology solutions.


Placer Solutions provides deep expertise in construction technology that helps clients in their digital transformation.

How do I avoid technology initiatives falling flat?

Placer Solutions helps you understand your dispersed construction work processes and ensure that new software is aligned with actual needs. This involves identifying influential individuals within your field and project-based teams who are crucial for driving digital transformation in your business.

How do I determine which technologies are worth investing in?

Placer Solutions prioritizes user requirements and focuses on areas that have the greatest impact and most responsiveness from your field workforce. Through organized digital assessments, we help you design and implement a targeted digital strategy that appeals to your project users.

How do I find affordable technology consulting with expertise in construction?

Placer Solutions offers cost-effective consulting services and a deep understanding of the construction industry, guiding clients through all stages of technology assessment, selection, and implementation.