A.I. & Digital Transformation in Construction

Product Description:

As digital tools increasingly enter construction, industry leaders are exploring the intersection of advanced technologies and traditional practices. This report provides practical insights through in-depth research and case studies, offering clear strategies that help you leverage digital transformation in construction. It provides an objective look at the state-of-the-art practices and near future of construction technology.

Who Should Buy?

  • Construction professionals using digital products on projects
  • Executives harnessing new technology opportunities
  • Owner/operators exploring digital twins
  • Innovation strategists driving change & new businesses
  • Investors identifying emerging trends and markets

This Report Contains:

  • Detailed examinations of real-world digital implementations
  • Concise working definition of a digital twin in construction
  • Buyer's guide to digital tools across AEC value chain
  • How owner/operators are responding to digital transformation
  • Actionable best practices for modern construction operations

"I strongly recommend this report. It provides practical insights into the present and future of digital transformation in the construction industry" - Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco, Director, Hilti Venture
"I’m constantly on the lookout for relevant data to ensure we have it baked into our digital transformation strategy. I love how Placer Solutions' research comes ready to use — no translation needed" - Kelly Benedict, VP, Head of Innovation & Transformation, Gilbane Building Company
"As the tech revolution in the construction industry continues to evolve, having, sharing, and understanding key A.I. insights is critically important to the future of all organizations” - Mark Bryant, CIO, PCL Construction
"I highly recommend Placer Solutions' report for anyone eager to explore the origins of technology in construction and understand its continuing role in transforming industry operations" - Cutler Knupp, Managing Director, Dysruptek
"Digital tools are not just transforming construction; they’re reshaping the landscape of leadership. Placer Solutions is at the forefront of this future" - John Mack, BIM and Systems Department Manager, Dome Construction
"This report excellently showcases the latest in transformative technologies for construction, including a practical definition of digital twins for our industry"- Stephen Poppe, Strategic Accounts, VIATechnik
“Placer Solutions' research helps AEC leaders understand the implications of new technology and showcases real-world use cases in our industry” - Travis Voss, Director of Innovative Technology and Fabrication, SMACNA


  • Format: PDF
  • Word count: 12,000
  • Number of pages: 53
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Construction Voices in This Report

"The goal is to replicate or simulate a physical system where people want to understand existing patterns or the impact of specific system changes. Begin with the end in mind and then find the technologies that help achieve that goal."

Carrie Dossick

Professor and Associate Dean for Research at University of Washington

"Everyone from apprentice, journeyman, foreman, and superintendent. You take those guys and pair them with the ones on technology. Now they're teaching each other—it's a truly great recipe."

Matt Hedke

Director of VDC Solutions at Barton Malow

"Technology is still new to the industry but the uptake has really accelerated in the past five years. The conversation has become much more nuanced and informed to the point that integrating technology is now our normal way of working."

Travis Fischer

Director of VDC at Gilbane

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