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Technology Excellence in Construction

Placer Solutions is the premier resource for insights into the integration of advanced technologies in the construction world. In a landscape cluttered with repetitive and sponsored content, we leverage our rigorous research methods and commitment to affordability to provide trusted information that supports the success of construction professionals and organizations across the industry.

Next-Gen A.I. Construction Strategy

The construction industry is at a turning point with artificial intelligence. As the technology advances, adopting A.I. is no longer a matter of if, but when. This shift is crucial for firms to stay competitive, with A.I. set to streamline construction operations, reduce project costs, and drive innovation across the industry. Companies that move quickly to integrate A.I. will gain a significant advantage, while those who delay risk falling behind. It’s essential to act now to secure a strong position in a market that’s rapidly changing with A.I.’s influence.


What People are Saying

“The greatest technologies in the world are most effective if embraced by the culture of the industry they serve. Placer Solutions focuses on the human element that drives technology adoption in construction – a crucial component of a robust technology adoption roadmap.”

Rose Hall

VP of Construction Innovation at AXA XL

“I am very pleased with the outcomes and the valuable insights provided for our team members at Barton Malow.”

Lindsey Rem

VP of Business Transformation at Barton Malow

“This assessment gave Haskell valuable insights on where to focus innovation efforts and who can help increase our reach within the business.”

Hamzah Shanbari

Director of Innovation at Haskell

“With Placer Solutions, we were able to form communities focused on a particular technology to better the company as a whole.”

Aaron McClellan

Construction Technology Manager at Granite Construction

“Using innovative techniques, Placer Solutions mapped existing networks of innovators and leveraged these teams to identify the highest impact technologies to focus on.”

Josh Woolley

Director of Project Controls at Granite Construction

“The results were great to see. It helped us understand a complex organization and who the organization saw as the actual influencers.”

Bruce Jacobson

Enterprise Architecture at Butterfly Technologies