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Moving beyond the hype in construction technology.

Placer Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive research reports on emerging construction technology topics, providing construction professionals and technology providers with the insights they need to innovate and achieve success in an increasingly complex industry.

Our expert-driven and independent content focuses on practical information that helps customers stay ahead of the curve.

In a landscape cluttered with repetitive and sponsored content, we leverage our rigorous research methods and commitment to affordability to provide trusted information that supports the success of construction professionals and organizations across the industry.


Unbiased content that is accessible and actionable for professionals around the industry.

Independent, In-Depth Research

We provide independent, unbiased insights, free from sponsorships or marketing bias. The reports contain in-depth analysis, best practices, and real-world case studies to gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced construction technologies.

World-Class People and Expertise

Crafted by industry-native professionals with decades of combined experience in construction technology, our reports dive deep into the latest trends impacting the construction value chain. Our content is not only fresh and insightful, it’s also practical and relevant to the industry it serves.

Budget-Savvy Guide to Innovation

Gain access to actionable resources at an accessible price point, making it easy to stay informed and competitive in the industry. Our reports are designed to be easily understood and applied, helping you transform insights into tangible results.