Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Construction

Product Description:

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are extended reality technologies that blend the digital and physical worlds. These solutions have gained momentum in the construction industry by allowing architects, engineers, and builders to visualize project elements in a more collaborative and immersive way. The impact of AR and MR on construction is just beginning and this report helps business leaders understand where it’s headed.

Who Should Buy?

  • Virtual design & construction leaders exploring best practices
  • Construction professionals wanting independent insights
  • Technology providers interested in latest industry trends
  • Investors needing to stay ahead of rapidly changing markets

This Report Contains:

  • Size of AR & MR market in construction
  • Two case studies from top U.S. builders
  • Full-page infographics exploring adoption
  • Technology's history in construction
  • Technology's impact on the construction value chain
  • ESG metrics in construction
  • Best practices for builders and technology providers

"An amazing resource that is a map to AR & MR best practices in construction" - Cheri Hanes, Head of Construction Innovation, AXA XL
"Comprehensive and enlightening" - Peter Neil, CEO, BIM Holoview
"Wow! Great insights in this report" - Brian Arnold, Innovation Executive, BNBuilders
"The line up of contributors is truly impressive, bringing together experience and expertise from leaders in our field" - Nikolai Suvorov, CEO, Sitelink
"Highly recommended! An essential read for professionals and innovators at the forefront of our industry" - Hamzah Shanbari, Director of Innovation, Haskell


  • Format: PDF
  • Word count: 7,200
  • Number of pages: 37
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Construction Voices in This Report

“I’ve struggled through complicated scopes many times in my career. If I’d had this earlier on, it would have made my life a lot easier.”

Shaun Maddy

Carpentry Foreman at BNBuilders

“I think that in five years’ time no one is going to think twice about using AR on jobsites. I see persistent digital spaces continuing to evolve, and then I see immersive technologies as a follow-up to that.”

Anca Stefanescu

AR & MR Subject Matter Expert

“Every week, the customer continues to bring more and more people into the AR & MR environments to view the planned spaces.”

Marisol Munoz

Lead VDC Engineer at Hensel Phelps

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