Text-Based Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Product Description:

With the release of OpenAI’s advanced language model, construction leaders are awakening to multiple applications across the industry. This report is aimed at the pressing questions and concerns of construction business leaders who are looking to understand these text-based A.I. tools, as well as IT leaders looking for a first-start roadmap. This report is a must-have resource for anyone looking to leverage A.I. for strategic advantage in the construction industry.

Who Should Buy?

  • Business leaders understanding the impact of A.I.
  • IT leaders developing implementation and governance plans
  • Technology providers exploring future applications of A.I.
  • Investors interested in direction of A.I. in construction

This Report Contains:

  • Initial use case prioritization of 45 construction tasks
  • Enterprise A.I. tools like Azure OpenAI Service
  • Getting started with A.I. roadmap
  • How industry peers are approaching A.I.
  • Market size of A.I. in construction
  • Best practices for builders and technology providers

"Placer's report demystifies A.I. with actionable insights for the industry" - Rose Hall, SVP Head of Innovation, AXA XL
“This report helps business leaders unlock the power of what A.I. and GPT can do for them” - Ajoy Bhattacharya, Senior AEC Strategist, Microsoft
“A comprehensive view on A.I. that will make adoption easier in construction” - Josh Levy, CEO, Document Crunch
"Real world examples show how contractors are already implementing A.I. on jobsites in practical ways" - Todd Mustard, Executive Manager, Oregon-Columbia Chapter, NECA
"A helpful guide towards a well thought out strategy in construction, one that can help the industry on its journey to digitization" - Vivin Hegde, Partner, Zacua Ventures
"This provides the information needed to craft an appropriate A.I. roadmap in construction" - Cheri Hanes, Head of Construction Innovation, AXA XL
"This report provides tremendous strategic insight to AEC innovation leaders by providing a clear and simple framework for taking action" - Briston Blair, VP Innovation & Strategy, Comfort Systems USA


  • Format: PDF
  • Word count: 8,500
  • Number of pages: 46
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Construction Voices in This Report

"We’re advising teams to provide their business leaders with an understanding of what the technology is about. They are the ones who will find the most benefits from A.I. services.”

Ajoy Bhattacharya

Senior AEC Technology Strategist at Microsoft

“One of the greatest challenges in construction management is how a single error can snowball into significant losses in terms of time, money, and other risk elements. This technology can ultimately be very useful in construction management if the output is validated by someone who knows."

Heather Pettijohn

Lean Evolution Manager at Barton Malow

“Our policy change mirrors our social media guidelines. It doesn’t allow the release of company, client, or trade secret information. When using consumer products like ChatGPT, we assume that the information is now in the public domain.”

Mark Trednick

CIO at Haskell

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