Measuring trends in A.I. in construction

Welcome to the 2024 A.I. Readiness in Construction Benchmark


Welcome to the 2024 initiative in A.I. readiness assessment. At a time when A.I.'s influence on modern organizations has become ever more pronounced, adopting A.I. is no longer a matter of if, but when.

Our A.I. Readiness Benchmark Survey is designed to equip leaders with actionable insights into their organization's technological readiness. By exploring a spectrum of critical dimensions — including digital maturity, financial and technical considerations, data governance, business strategy alignment, organizational adaptability, and cybersecurity — we paint a comprehensive picture of where you stand in the digital domain.

Each participant receives a detailed, personalized report that provides strategic recommendations tailored to their organizational context. Our robust analysis aids your decision-making process, helping you to pinpoint investment focus areas, drive efficient data management practices, and embrace the transformative future of A.I. with confidence.

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Empower your construction business with A.I. insights to innovate, compete, and lead in the digital age.

Strategic Insight

Unlock a tailored strategic roadmap, pinpointing your digital strengths and growth areas for a tech-empowered future in construction. You will receive a personalized analysis that benchmarks your capabilities against industry standards.

Competitive Edge

Gain a competitive advantage with actionable insights that align your A.I. initiatives with industry benchmarks and best practices. You can then leverage these insights to foster innovation, streamline operations, and enhance productivity through A.I. integration.

Operational Excellence

Enhance organizational agility by evaluating readiness for A.I.-driven change and employee support structures. This will improve your approach to data governance, cybersecurity, and technical infrastructure by understanding best practices.